Road transport on Middle-Europe, especially between Hungary and Italy

Init2000 Kft. is one of the leading international forwarding companies between Italy and Hungary, and executes significant forwarding activities in the neighbouring countries like Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia as well.

Our main profile is the bulk grain transport with an annual 150 000 ton transport capacity. We are the main forwarding partner of all the significant Hungarian grain exporter company and our clients are the most significant multinational forwarding, manufacturing and trading companies of the region.

We furthermore provide forwarding services to the representatives of the other industrial branches as well. Seasonal demands of these Customers help us to balance our transport capacities in all direction within the year and to provide continuous work to our subcontractors.

Complex services of our company cover the whole business process by including the long term planning, daily transport scheduling and transport insurance and special licences related activities as well.

Stable informatics background of our activities is provided by our most modern informatics infrastructure and own designed transport software, but main value of our company is the honest piece of work of our transport organizers and finance colleagues with their several years’ experience and multilingual language skills.