INITSPED: individual transport software solution

We have implemented our own transport software to ensure standard and optimized handling of the large number of our transports. We have automatized the recurring and standard elements of the administration activities and standardized the management of the special events by integrated the different fields of the transportation into a standard system.

Data processing is simplified as all the data starting at receiving the customer requests and ending at closing the completed transports are entered only once. At the same time all the information entered to any program modules is available and applicable directly from any other work flows. Visibility and transparency of the administrative tasks is significantly improved by implementing high level visualization and control automatisms enables the organization to manage the growing number of transport activities in an efficient way without increasing the organization.

Az individual and complex data structure stores the business partner information, weekly transport planning, the on-going transport tracking and the insurance management related information. These data may be used by the different departments at the same time in accordance with their needs.

The integrated system requires the paper documentation of the transport organization and accounting procedures as well – customer orders, bill of ladings, invoices – which are stored in a common electronic database.